Most people with a dependence on alcohol will have experienced the progressive nature of their alcoholism and the increasing difficulties that come with it. Whilst you may have wanted to stop or cut down, the likelihood is that this has been difficult, if not impossible. But alcoholism is treatable and its progress can be arrested. 

At Broadway Lodge we advocate abstinence as the most effective treatment approach in helping people to develop a quality recovery and the use of the AA Fellowship as a means of helping people to maintain it. Through this process many millions of people worldwide have benefitted and lived healthy and productive lives as a result.

Following a full medical assessment, a treatment plan will be constructed that meets your specific need. In most cases a detoxification will be required, this will be overseen and closely monitored by the medical team. 

Individual counselling will play a central role in your treatment along with group therapy, lectures, workshops and assignments. The aim of these programme elements is to help you to become more aware of the negative behaviours and attitudes that have played a part in the development and maintenance of your alcoholism. 

Throughout your treatment and particularly towards the end, Relapse Prevention will be a topic to be explored. This will help you to identify the triggers and cues that are most likely to be a cause of concern for you in recovery and to be avoided or managed to minimise risk. Equally, the later part of treatment will also be a time to consider and plan aftercare needs.