Broadway Lodge offer innovative treatment options

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Broadway Lodge offer innovative treatment options

Broadway Lodge, the specialists, now offer various innovative treatment options :

  • Virtual Rehab - an online Rehabilitation Programme
  • Outpatient / Counselling sessions for antipsychotic drugs

Broadway Lodge, with immediate effect to enable more people to access treatment we are using our charitable fund to significantly reduce fees for any referral made in December to £1000 per week. Monies must be paid prior to treatment.

Virtual Rehab - a complete online rehab programme to fit in with your lifestyle - specifically designed to provide access to a proven 28 day recovery process, which helps people achieve enduring behavioural change and overcome their substance dependancy. For further information or to register, click here.

Outpatient/Counselling Sessions - Outpatient sessions are avaialbel to support those who would like to discuss the possibility of discontinuing thier psychotic medications. The sessions will help determine the best treatments and further explore the biological factors that contibute to the symptoms of any distress, and the role medication plays that varies from person to person.

Whether it is Antipsychotics, Anti-depressants or prescription drugs our experts can help you.

For further information please ring 01934 818049

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