An addiction to ?drugs? can develop in relation to prescribed or over-the-counter medication as well as from the use of illegal drugs. Whatever the ?drug of choice?, the aim of treatment at Broadway Lodge is abstinence from all mood-altering chemicals. Unless there is good medical evidence that indicates a need for a period of prescribed medication, we want to help the client to live their life drug-free. 

At the beginning of treatment, a full medical assessment will identify whether a detoxification is necessary and if so, what form this will take. Depending on the pattern of problem drug use, the length of detoxification may last up to three or four weeks and perhaps longer where some prescribed medications have been involved. There will also be an individual care plan that will be developed and managed with a named counsellor who will meet with the client regularly each week. 

During treatment detoxification will be a fully integrated part of the programme and will take place in conjunction with other treatment programme activities and will be supported by complimentary therapies including acupuncture, reflexology and massage. Individual counselling, group therapy, workshops, lectures and assignments planned around the individual's specific programme needs will form the basis of the therapeutic treatment and we will introduce the client to the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Fellowship as we hope this will form part of the support network on completion of the treatment with us.

Relapse prevention, risk management planning and aftercare needs will be key features for exploration throughout treatment and particularly so as treatment nears completion. Where appropriate and helpful to do so, other people, including family members may be invited to meet with the individual and the named counsellor prior to discharge, to discuss the client?s recovery support needs and the role the family members might play in it.