Legal Highs

Legal Highs are substances not yet controlled under the misuse of drugs act but produce similar effects to those that are e.g. cocaine, ecstacy, amphetamines. They are sold as 'plant food', 'research chemicals' or 'bath salts'. As soon as a particular substance is banned under the 'Misuse of Drugs Act', a new alternative is 'invented' just by changing the chemical composition of existing substances. The ability to purchase these substances online or in some cases high street 'head shops' doesn't make them legal or safe. It does make them easier to obtain and introduces new dangers, namely experimentation in private and posting the results of experiences online for others to copy. Using substances alone is extremely risky because in the event of an adverse reaction, there is no-one available to help.

They are also known as 'Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS), 'Designer Drugs' and 'Club Drugs' which also covers the use of banned substances such as Cocaine, GBL, Methadrone, Methamphetamine, Ketamine and MDMA. Regardless of their legality, these substances are extremely dangerous.

However, the triggers for use and the dangers of using these substances are similar to other drugs or types of addiction and therefore can be addressed. Our treatment programmes help the individual to identify the reasons behind the use of these substances and provide the tools and techniques to replace the unhealthy thinking patterns and behaviours with safe, healthy alternative coping mechanisms. Our medical team can provide the necessary care and support to manage the physical and psychological health issues that can arise through ceasing to take these substances.