Treatment Programmes

Broadway offers a number of evidence based treatment programmes designed to identify the triggers behind harmful addictive behaviour and provide the patient with the education, tools and techniques necessary to sustain a healthy, long-term recovery. 


Detoxification is a medically supervised procedure that removes the physical dependence on harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol. A support programme of counselling, group therapy, education and complementary therapies initiate the changes to behaviour and thinking required to sustain an abstinence based recovery. The length of the programme is dependant upon the length and level of substance misuse and health. Detoxification can usually be managed within the following time frames:

Alcohol - one to two weeks

Drugs - two to four weeks

A comprehensive medical assessment is required prior to admission.

For more detailed information about our Detoxification facilities please download a factsheet

Primary Care Residential Rehabilitation

Primary Care offers an intensive, high support, up to 12 week residential placement for patients looking to change harmful behaviours or addictions. The abstinence based programme follows the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and introduces the concept and importance of Mutual Aid meetings as an effective, evidenced based means of sustaining recovery. 

For more detailed information about our Primary Care Unit please download a factsheet

Secondary Care Residential Rehabilitation

Our Secondary Care unit provides a stepping stone between Primary Care and a return to independent living. An abstinence based 12 Step programme develops the social, life and recovery skills necessary for sustaining long-term post treatment recovery. Individual counselling, group therapy, workshops and attendance at Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous meetings are provided. 

For more detailed information about our Secondary Care Unit please download a factsheet

Community treatment and recovery support programmes

Broadway Lodge provides a range of community based Recovery Support Programmes and Aftercare.  The activities are designed to help individuals to recognise the triggers behind their addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms as an alternative to using harmful substances and also provides on-going mutual support to individuals in recovery.

Our counselling service is available for all types of emotional and behavioural problems, not just addiction. Broadway Lodge is accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Counselling is suitable for emotional difficulties that arise from relationship breakdowns, bereavement, anxiety or stress. Behavioural problems such as gambling, gaming, anger management and eating disorders can also be addressed. Our accredited counsellors can offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches to suit the individual, provide healthy coping mechanisms and improve wellbeing. For further details and a guide to our fees, please contact us.

Self referrals welcome. Please call 01934 815515 to book an appointment to discuss your requirements. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

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