In treatment and volunteering!

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In treatment and volunteering!

People in treatment at Broadway Lodge volunteer in the community - Maltlands Park

In the spring of last year Broadway Lodge approached Maltlands Park and asked if they would be willing to allow a group from Broadway Lodge to help letter pick as part of a rehabilitation program. Maltlands Park  said yes they would love the help so it was cleared with the council. The volunteers were then supplied with litter pickers and gloves etc for the group.

The Broadway Lodge  group set about clearing the main park area as their first task; they did this with total gusto. The stuff they removed from hedges and the undergrowth was remarkable. With Broadway Lodge volunteers doing  a deep clean around the park and surrounding pathways once a week meant that the rest of the volunteers could concentrate on clearing brambles and dead areas ready for replanting. Maltlands Park siad 'We would not have managed to get done what we did in the first year if it was not for Markkus and his groups helping out'. The council are impressed also with the commitment that this Broadway Lodge group have shown towards helping us and others. Please keep up the good work.

Thanks again from the Maltlands Park and their  Volunteers

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