Other Addictions

Unfortunately, addiction can manifest in different ways and are not limited to those outlined on this website.  An addiction can be described as any continued involvement with a substance or activity that provides pleasure and enjoyment initially, but continued use or activity only provides the individual with increasing difficulties.

Examples of some other addictions we treat at Broadway Lodge are:


Co-dependency is a condition that arises from an individual?s desire to ensure that the needs of others are met before or to the exclusion of their own. This issue can have significant consequences for the sufferer with physical, emotional and relationship problems that can impact severely on daily living.


Whilst we allow patients to smoke during their time in treatment with us, there are certain restrictions on when and where. Those patients that would like to consider stopping are actively encouraged and supported in doing so. If a client wants to cut down and/or stop we have a qualified Smoking Cessation Nurse who can advise on the different approaches and nicotine replacement options that are available.